Welcome to Palletrater. A dynamite LTL service brought to you by Mode Transportation.

The Palletrater product saves you time, money, and hassle on your larger quantity, heavier weight LTL shipments by offering:

  • Pricing and service for pallet quantities ranging for four pallets up to 14.
  • Simplified rating based on the spots you use, up to 2000# per spot - no more additional charges for class and weight discrepancies.
  • Access to real time pricing and load tendering through the web site.
  • Since this is not a "partial" service you won't have to wait for days until a carrier is located with just enough space to fit your freight.
  • Your freight is handled fewer times minimizing the risk of damage to your product.
  • Regular service schedules to all major grocery and retail chains throughout the country.
  • We are Mode Transportation so you'll have the piece of mind knowing you are being serviced by one of the largest national transportation providers in North America.

Click here and sign up today - its free, its fast, its easy and it's:

As simple as LTL can get...