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Perfect for those shipments that are not quite LTL and not large enough to make a full truckload, Palletrater.com will instantly produce an all inclusive rate based on pallet count alone. No more uncertainty on freight class, re-weighs, density, or transit times!! Palletrater.com custom matches your shipment to a truckload carrier with sufficient trailer space available, minimizing freight handling , less lost and damaged goods, and improving transit time!

Palletrater.com is your solution to the overwhelming frustration experienced in the LTL common carrier arena. Utilizing our buying power (580,000 + highway moves in 2011) combined with our 5000+ approved contract carriers; Palletrater.com delivers your cargo quicker, safer, and cheaper.

Say goodbye to those surprise charges on your invoice. No re-class, re-weigh, re-consignment charges. Rate offered is the rate billed. No Deviation.

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  • Instant Substantial Savings
  • Minimal Freight Handling
  • Reduced Lost and Damaged Goods
  • Truckload Transit Times
  • 100% Invoice Accuracy
  • Efficient Quoting and Tendering Platform
  • Service you can rely on

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