As simple as LTL rates can get!

We specialize in great rates for those shipments which are not quite LTL and not enough to make a truckload. This site will allow you and your company to make instant decisions on costs for shipping.

No waiting for pricing departments to get back to you, but even better, no worrying about your freight Class, or the exact weight.

Click here and sign up instantly. We just need basic info and you can be comparing rates in seconds.

Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that this is a service offered by one of the largest transportation providers in North America.
We are Mode Transportation, part of the Hub Group a 2.8 Billion dollar publically traded Company. (HUBG:NASDAQ) .

How frustrating is it when you use one of those other guys internet pricing services, who give you rates based on class and weight, only to find out that they say your class or weight is different than what you say it is
- and now your bill is MORE?

  • How long does it take you to argue and try to correct this?
  • How many times have you won that argument?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to just get a flat rate and have it match with your bill?
  • How about when you ship 3 or more pallets with a common carrier?
  • Think you are getting a good price based on class and weight?

Check us out and make sure.